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Counterfeit Euros


FOREX back recently alerted the police in Jönköping after having discovered a counterfeit Euro note. Unfortunately it’s nothing exceptional. FOREX Bank frequently detects counterfeit notes. It is worth noting though that the tourist season is gathering pace and with that reports of counterfeit notes increase. When we have detected one forgery, there is a high risk of more turning up.

FOREX Bank’s staff are skilled in distinguishing counterfeit notes from real ones. This is mainly thanks to the availability of technical aids and highly trained staff, who have unwonted skills in how banknote paper should feel.

It is often the paper which gives a counterfeit away. The risk of getting a counterfeit note from FOREX Bank is almost microscopic.

“Unlawful dealings” with counterfeit money is a crime. According to law, FOREX Bank has an obligation to seize counterfeits and to report them to the police. The police usually send the notes to SKL, the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science for a forensic investigation. If a customer possesses the odd counterfeit note and has a reasonable explanation as to how they received it, they will probably avoid prosecution, but lose the value of the notes they thought they had.

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