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Dangerous bathing warnings


26 degrees in the turquoise water, mile after mile of golden sandy beaches – what a dream! But there are also places where it’s very dangerous to bathe. The international travel site, Aol Travel News, has compiled a list of where you should avoid bathing. Read and take heed!

1. Queensland, Australia. Amongst many deadly water creatures, the box jellyfish is the most frightening. Its poison can cause a cardiac arrest within a couple of minutes. The box jellyfish can also be found in Thai waters.

2. Bolinas Beach, California. Frequently present sharks, including hungry great white sharks.

3. The Amazon River, Brazil. Let’s just say Piranhas!

4. Gulf Coast, USA. Many venomous snakes, not least the feared Water Moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorus)!

5. Devils’ Cataract, Victoria Falls, Zambia. A natural pool with a slippery rock edge as the only obstacle from pulling you with the current down the 105m high waterfall. It’s happened to many people over the years.

The whole list, with more death defying drops, can be found on Vagabond’s website.

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