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Summertime is time for theives


A new survey, carried out on behalf of FOREX Bank, shows that many Swedes are worried about being mugged on holiday. 29% say they are worried about losing their credit card on holiday and 23% worry about losing their passport.

People’s worries seem to be anything but unwarranted; 22% of those surveyed have been mugged on holiday. Amongst the possessions finding new “owners” are small sums of cash, credit or debit cards and cameras.

Barcelona and Rome are two foreign destinations where many people are affected. Both cities are generally safe, but there are areas where it is advisable to be extra vigilant.

In Barcelona you should be extra careful along La Rambla, where people crowding around the street artists attracts pickpockets. Be on your guard too in the larger shopping districts, for example around El Born and the shopping centre of Mare Magnum.

In Rome you should be extra vigilant in and around Stazione Termini as well as at the nearby Museo Nazionale Romano.

In most cases you can freely move around as tourists and you normally need to be as vigilant as you are at home, but no less so! In other cases you may be in more exposed areas and don’t have the opportunity to protect your valuables securely. You should thus spread out your valuables in a smart way so as to minimize the risk of losing everything should you be subjected to pickpockets.

Keep your passport, cards, ID, large notes and tickets, which you don’t use very often, in a waist bag stuffed into your trousers or a in a neck bag under your clothes. If you need these things during the day, use a toilet or another room, where no one will see you get them out.

Have your money for the day in a wallet, which you can get out in shops or restaurants.

Coins and small notes can be kept in your trouser pocket for small expenses.

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