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Purchase list

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Set as of 01APR2018, until further notice.

Western Union

Contact one of our Branches or call Service center at 0771-22 22 21.

Other bank services

Administration Fee 50 kr
Deposit to other bank 100 kr
PlusGiro/Bankgiro payment order 50 kr
PlusGiro/Bankgiro cash out 50 kr
Cashing in of coins 15%, if you have 50 coins or more
Sale of coins 18 kr per roll
Sale of notes 28 kr per bundle
statement of commitment in English 100 kr
statement of commitment 50 kr
Account statement 50 kr
Copy of receipt 50 kr
Copy of receipt older than 3 months 350 kr
Enquiry by order from a costumer 200 kr/hour
Collector and commemorative coins are not valid for payment
* You need a an agreement in order to use this service.

FOREX Bankcard

Annual fee 0 kr
ATM withdrawl within EU 0 kr
ATM withdrawl outside EU (Minimum 30 kr in ATMs and 40 kr in banks) 2%
Conversion fee 1%
Emergency Card 400 kr
Copy of card purchase 120 kr
New card 0 kr
New card (if more than 2 new cards per year and account) 120 kr
Ladda hem villkor (pdf)

FOREX Privat

Savings interest 0.1%
Annual fee for account with credit 0 kr
Credit interest 8.14%
Effective interest with credit: 10.000 kr/ 5 years**** 8.45%
Overdraft interest 13.9%
Overdraft fee/transaction 100 kr
Autogiro (direct debit) 0 kr
Code device 200 kr
Monthly fee 20 kr

FOREX Credit card

Loan interest 12,50%
Effective interest: credit SEK 20.000 kr/5 years** 16,22%
Annual fee SEK 225
Extra card (existing customers only) SEK 100
Administrative fee when using credit SEK 25
ATM withdrawl within EU (incl. Sweden) 2 % of the withdrawn amount, minimum SEK 40
Cash withdrawal when buying currency in a FOREX branch SEK 0
Cash withdrawal when buying currency at a FOREX ATM SEK 0
Cash withdrawal outside of the EU SEK 0
Emergency Card SEK 400
Conversion fee (foreign exchange) 0 %
Ovedraft interest APR interest + 6%
Interest on overdue payment Debet interest + 6%
Overdraft fee SEK 125
Reminder notice fee SEK 60
Express delivery of card SEK 150
Copy of transaction register SEK 120
Ladda hem villkor (pdf)


Interest* 3.54% - 12.67%
Effective interest* 5.66%
Start-up fee 0.00 kr
Invoice fee 25.00 kr
Autogiro (direct debit) 0 kr
Delayed payment charge 100 kr
Reminder notice fee 50 kr
Interest on overdue payment Debited interest + 12%

FOREX Savings Account

Interest 0.35%
Withdrawal fee 0 kr
Transfer to another account in FOREX Bank 0 kr

FOREX Loan protection

Premium for 1 borrower 8% of the monthly cost of the loan
e.g. if the monthly cost is 500 kr, the premium will be 40 kr.
Premium for 2 borrowers 16% of the monthly cost
e.g. if the monthly cost is 500 kr, the premium will be 80 kr.
ERV Försäkrings AB For price inquiry, please contact FOREX Bank

FOREX Internet & mobile bank

Annual fee includes bill payments 0 kr
Ladda hem villkor (pdf)

Currency exchange

FOREX Bank sells foreign currency 0 kr
FOREX Bank buys foreign currency (with FOREX Bank receipt) 0 kr
FOREX Bank buys foreign currency (without FOREX Bank receipt) 50 kr
Reservation of currency
(collected at a FOREX Bank branch)
0 kr
Buying currency online 0 kr (25 kr if the amount is under 4 000 SEK)
Ladda hem villkor (pdf)

We reserve ourselves for any errors and changes in the price list.

* Understanding the numbers
The interest rate is variable and set on an induvidual basis, currently 3.54% – 12.67% as of (15JAN2018) and is determined following a credit check. The effective rate of interest is currently 5.66% (6,25 % *) for a loan of SEK 100,000 with equal repayments over 5 years at 5.52% representative interest and SEK 0 inf start-up fee / administrative fee. In the example given, average monthly payments would be SEK 1,901 (SEK 1,926 *) and the total amount paid would be SEK 114,030 (SEK 115,530 *). 
* Payment by paper invoice include an administrative fee of SEK 25

** The effective rate of interest would currently be 8.45% on a SEK 10,000 credit, utilized to 100 % without repayment, with a 5 year term and credit interest rate of 8.14%, monthly capitalized. At a 50 % utilization the effective interest rate currently would be 8.45%. No fees are currently charged for the credit.

*** Applies for credit SEK 20,000 and includes annual fee.

**** The mobile operator's fee is added

***** Currenly no new sales of extra cards

Service Center 0200 - 22 22 20
Cardcenter 0200 - 26 60 00
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