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FOREX Loan Protection

A voluntary insurance that provides safety for your loan

  • Provides safety in case of unvoluntary unemployment
  • Provides safety in case of illness
  • Covers your monthly cost up to SEK 9000/month
  • Covers the loan in case of death

What is FOREX Loan Protection?

FOREX Loan Protection provides you with safety for your loan and lets you sleep well at night. It is a voluntary insurance that covers the monthly costs for your part of your loan, up to SEK 9, 000/month for 12 consecutive months (36 months in total), if you should become unemployed or experience a long-term illness. It also pays off your part of the debt in the event of death, according to the conditions stated in the general terms and conditions. FOREX Loan Protection can be taken out by every borrower who meets the requirements, regardless of whether he or she is a lone borrower or not. However, the insurance only covers the insured party's part of the loan if there are two of you borrowing.

FOREX Loan Protection can be cancelled cost-free by telephone or letter during the first 30 days; afterward the cancellation must take place in writing.


The premium for FOREX Loan Protection is currently 8% of the monthly cost of loan. It is paid on a monthly basis together with the regular monthly statement. If there are two borrowers, the monthly cost is 16%, i.e. 8% per borrower.

Example: for along with a monthly cost of SEK 500/month, the premium for FOREX Loan Protection would be SEK 40/month for a single borrower and SEK 80/month for two insured borrowers. You can compare example costs for a single borrower for different loan amounts under the loan calculation.

Who can take out FOREX Loan Protection?

FOREX Loan Protection can be taken out by both the primary borrower and co-borrowers as long as the loan is active. The insured party must also fulfil the requirements below.

You are:

  • between the ages of 18 and 64 (the insurance is valid until the age of 65)
  • a resident of Sweden.
  • permanently employed at least 17 hours a week, or self-employed with an F-tax card.
  • completely healthy and able to work.

Nor may you be aware of an impending illness, hospital stay, notice of layoff, termination or unemployment.

What the insurance covers

FOREX Loan Protection covers the monthly costs a few loan by up to SEK 9,000/month for a 12-month period (there is a maximum of 36 months during the lifetime of the insurance) if you experience involuntary unemployment or full-time sick leave due to accident or injury lasting longer than 30 days. If there are two borrowers, both must be insured for the entire monthly cost to be covered. If one borrower is insured, only he/she is covered by the insurance; the uninsured party is not.

  • In case of involuntary unemployment lasting longer than 30 days, compensation of up to SEK 9,000/month is paid (Does not apply to self-employed individuals).
  • In case of full-time sick leave due to accident or illness lasting longer than 30 days, compensation of up to SEK 9,000/month is paid
  • In case of critical illness a compensation of SEK 50 000 is paid
  • In case of death, the insurance pays off the entire loan, up to SEK 500,000


The insurance does not cover cases where you were aware of impending unemployment, if you quit your job, or in the case of unemployment that occurs during the first 120 days of the insurance. The insurance is not valid if you have a serious illness, condition or injury that you knew of during the 12 months before the insurance was taken out. The insurance also does not cover mental health-related illness. No compensation is paid if sick leave is taken during the first 30 days of the insurance period.

Complete information and terms and conditions can be found in the insurance terms for FOREX Loan Protection, which you'll find under "documents" on the right side of the page. The Insurance Mediation Act and the Swedish Distance Contracts Act are also there.

Take out FOREX Loan Protection today

You take out FOREX Loan Protection at the same time that you apply for a loan. If you already have a FOREX loan today, contact the FOREX Service Centre by telephone at +46 (0)200-22 22 20.

FOREX Bank AB is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office as an insurance broker associated with Financial Insurance Company Limited (FICL) and Financial Assurance Company Limited (FACL). The registration can be inspected at the Swedish Companies Registration Office, telephone number +46 (0)60-18 40 00, or see the Swedish Companies Registration Office’s website at www.bolagsverket.se. FOREX Bank, which is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Box 6750, SE-113 85 Stockholm, +46 (0)8-787 80 00, fi.se, has no qualifying holding in FICL and FACL. Nor do FICL or FACL have any qualifying holding in FOREX Bank. FOREX is entitled to a commission for arranging this insurance. The average commission level is approximately 25% of the total premium. The average commission level is based on your monthly premium and the number of insurance policies sold and losses. Our costs for the distribution of the insurance have been deducted from the average commission level indicated above. Note that the percentage indicated above is a rough average. The commission level in individual cases varies depending on factors such as the different insurance products, losses, the number of policies sold and distribution costs. Per their contract with FOREX, FICL and FACL are liable for pure property losses that can affect a customer, an insurer or someone who derives his rights from the customer, because FOREX intentionally or through negligence neglected its obligations according to chapter 5 section 4 of the Insurance Mediation Act (2005:405). If you are dissatisfied with any of FOREX's insurance brokerage measures, your first recourse is the person or persons who arranged the insurance, or contact FOREX’s Customer Ombudsman, or FICL and FACL’s Compliance Department. The complaint can be presented verbally or in writing. The Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau is an independent advisory Bureau which can provide information on insurance matters, but does not investigate individual cases. Personförsäkringsnämnden (The Personal Insurance Board) provides statements in disputes in the areas of health, accident and life insurance. The National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) provides recommendations in disputes between business owners and consumers. The issue can also be tried in a general court. Guidance and advice can also be obtained through the municipal consumer guidance service.

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