Block lost BankID

If you have lost your mobile or tablet, you should immediately block your Mobile BankID. If you have a code device or FOREX ID you can block it through the Internet Bank. You can also call us on phone number +46 771 22 22 21 or visit one of our bank stores.

Prices and T&C for Mobile BankID

Mobile BankID is a service free of charge

Currency app

See currency rates, plae an order and find stores in your smartphone.

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Make payments and send money using only the recipients phone number.

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Internet- and mobile bank

Do your daily banking when and where you like.

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Your security code

When using Mobile BankID, you enter your security code to sign contracts, verify a purchase or identify yourself. You choose your security code when you obtain or renew your BankID. If you want to change your security code you can do so under settings in your BankID app.

Safety tips

  • Never give your codes to someone contacting you through social media or calling you. It is most likely a fraud.
  • Do not use your BankID on demand from someone else. 
  • Make sure to carefully ready all test displayed in the app: Where are you login in and what are you signing?
  • Activate notifications to get a message in the app if a new BankID is requested in your name.