Some services are stopped automatically

The Swedish Tax Agency will inform the bank when a client is deceased. It can take a few days, but as soon as the bank gets the information some things come into effect immediately.

The bank will: 

  • Bock all accounts in the name of the deceased
  • Terminate cards
  • Send capital and interest rate statements to the registered address of the deceased
  • Terminate the internet- and mobile bank service

Automatic payments and money transfers

Any automatic payments or transfers will be stopped as a consequence of the lock down of the account. 

Inventory of the estate 

An inventory of the estate is to be conducted within three month from the date of death. This shall specify the heirs as well as assets and debts. Heirs may conduct the inventory themselves, or let someone else handle it. Most funeral parlours also offer this service. 

When the inventory has been conducted and approved (with a stamp) from the Swedish Tax Agency, the heirs can claim their inheritance. Now, accounts can be terminated and money can be paid out to heirs. 

Paying bills

An estate is often required to pay certain bills within a limited period of time such as rent, insurances, electricity etc.  Expenses that are no longer required should be terminated as soon as possible. Bills in the name of the deceased can be paid with the account of the estate. 

If the decendent has been a customer with us, we can help with the payments from the account of the estate until the inventory of the estate is finalized. However, it is not possible to make any other withdrawals from the account of the deceased before the registration of the inventory and stamped by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Deposit Plusgiro and bankgiro payment notes

Additionally, we deposit Plusgiro and Bankgiro payments to the account of the deceased. We require a bank confirmation, if the account is with another bank.

Provided that the money is deposited directly to the account of the deceased, there is no need for all the heirs to be present, nor for proxies and copies of IDs.

Avsluta konto och betala ut pengarna

För att vi ska kunna avsluta kontot behöver vi få en kopia på bouppteckningen. Det är viktigt att det framgår vilka som är dödsbodelägare, att kontot i FOREX Bank finns med samt att första och sista sidan är stämplade hos Skatteverket. 

Ni kan avsluta kontot i en av våra bankbutiker eller genom att skicka in handlingar till oss. Mer information om dessa två alternativ hittar du nedan.

Har du frågor kring dödsbo?

Då är du välkommen att besöka någon av våra bankbutiker vardagar mellan klockan 8 och 17, eller ringa oss på 0771-22 22 21 vardagar mellan klockan 8 och 17.