Keep secret codes a secret

A very successful fraud would be one where the fraudster gets hold of your card and youd code. That would give full access to your acount. Therefore, it is important that you keep your code safe when you make payments in stores or withdrawals in an ATM. Make sure noone is looking over your shoulder and do not keep a note with the code anywhere. Not even as a fake contact in your cell phone ... 

Focus on the details to avoid skimming

Skimming is when your card and account is being hi-jacked because someone has access to your account information. If the account is accessed, it is usually emptied fast, in real time and often from somewhere far away from where you are.

Make it a habit to look closely at the ATM before you make your withdrawal. If anything seems odd or different, i.e. a thicker frame around the card reader, do not use it. In some cases, ATMs have been used for cameras thar are placed to film your code, so a good tip is to protect your code with your hand when you enter it. 

Never allow staff to walk away with your card whan you make a purchase. You should always be able to see your card. Another good tip is to not have too much money on an account that is connected to a card. Its safer to keep your savings in a savings account that is not connected to a card, and transfer money when needed. 

Home is where your card is - limit purchases abroad

In the Internet- and Mobile bank you can change the setting for your card. You can add geographical limitations for purchases and open/close the card for online purchases. By doing this, you can make sure that your card can only be used within the area where you are. If your card or card information is somehow accessed by someone else, this will lower the risks of them being able to use your card. 

Safe shopping with Verified by Visa

Online shopping is more and more common and to increase safety, VISA have developed a service for safe card usage online, that e-commerce platform use in their paymment flows. The service is called Verified by VISA and is widely used. 

Before you make an online payment, make sure to check that the site is connected to Verified by VISA. You should be able to see the logo on the site. Verified by Visa will make your payment more safe and is also a indicator of a serious seller who cares about your safety. 

How to cancel your card

Id your card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that someone has access to you card information, please cancel it as soon as you can.  

FOREX Bank card

You can cancel your grey FOREX Bank card in the internet- and moble bank. You can also call our cancellation service at  +46 (0)771-22 22 21. 

FOREX Credit card

To cancel your yellow FOREX Credit card, please call our cancellation service at  +46 (0)771-22 22 21

Nya regler för ännu säkrare kortbetalningar

Från och med 1 januari 2021 kommer det oftare krävas en så kallad stark kundautentisering när du genomför ett kortköp på webben.