Together we fight money laundering

We always strive to make your experience easy, personal and efficient. To protect you, us and our society at large we are also very serious about fighting financial crimes such as money laundering, financing of terrorism, trafficking and trading with illegal weapons. We know that most of our customers have good intentions, but we always ask the same questions to everyone just to be sure. 

What we ask about

If you, as an example, would want to open an account with us we will ask you about your purpose with the account, such as if you intend to use it for savings or similar. When you wish to make a deposit we are required to understand the transaction and may need to ask you where the money comes from and if you plan to make the same type of deposits on a regular basis.

Identity and id control

When using our services, you are required to confirm your identity by showing us your valid passport, drivers license or other valid photo id.

You may also need to tell us if you are a public character, have a family member or am closely associated with someone of such a position or other formal public position.

Usage of your personal data 

The informationen you give us os subject to bank secrecy and will be handled confidentially. Please note that we will never ask you for any personal codes, passwords or your card numbers.