Protective rules for personal data handling

The new regulation and a complementary Swedish law, Dataskyddslagen, replace the earlier Swedish law personuppgiftslagen (PuL). GDPR regulates basic principles for handling personal data and specifies prerequsites needed for handling to be legal. Furthermore, GDPR regulates the individuals right to information and access to personal data, correction of errors in the data as well as possiblities to, in some cases, limit the handling of personal data. 

Your rights

If you have questions regarding our handling of your personal data, contact us via email to: or give us a call on +46 (0)10- 211 10 00.

You can also request a list of what persnal data we have about you and how that data is being used. This is free of charge. To make sure your data is only being sent to you, the list will be send as a so called REK letter, meaning you need to pick it up at a post agent and show your ID when doing so.

Furthermore, you have the right to request a correction of errors in your data, erasing of any data not needed and limitation of our handling of your personal data. 

How to request your personal data

If you wish to request a list of your personal data, you need to fill out the PDF form found on this page. Deliver the filled out PDF form to us via email, post or by handing it to staff in our stores. You find more instructions on the form itself.  

Direct marketing

You have the right to, at any time and with no cost, object to your personal data being used to send direct marketing messages to you. 

Make your objection by following the link found in email send outs, by sending your objection via email to or by sending it by post to:

FOREX Bank Aktiebolag
Stora Nygatan 27
111 27 Stockholm

Purpose of handling personal data

FOREX Bank use personal data to, amongst other reasons, be able to offer the services you wish to use and to provide bank services and products as well as related functions. Agreements between you as a customer and FOREX Bank are based on you using the services we offer, such as applying for and using accounts, internet bank, mobile bank, bank card, credit card, loan, loan protection, currency-, online currency and exchange services and other services.

For full information about how we handle your persinal date, read FOREX Bank integrity policy.

Camera surveillance

For your and our staff’s safety, we choose to use camera surveillance in our stores. The material is only used to prevent, stop and investigate crimes or suspicion thereof. The material may be handed to authorities.

We follow the EU rules and regulations for how recordings can be made and the material used. The recordings go on 24 hours a day and in some special cases, sound recordings are also made. The material is stored for 90 days.

Responsible for the personal data

FOREX Bank AB is responsible for the recordings and the personal data in them.

Data protection officer

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page, or if you have other questions related to our use of your personal data, pålease contact our Data Protection Officer through or phone: 010-211 10 00.

Personal data responsible

FOREX Bank AB is responsible for the handeling of your personal data used by us to provide services you have ordered, to contact you in your role as a customer and to execute our duties and responsibilities as a bank.

FOREX Bank Aktiebolag
organisation number: 516406-0104
Stora Nygatan 27
111 27 Stockholm

Phone: + 46 (0)10-211 1000
Customer service: +46 (0)771-22 22 21

Varför ID-skanner?

På senare tid har våra bankbutiker börjat använda ID-skanners för att säkerställa identiteten på kunder som använder våra tjänster. Lär dig mer om hur detta fungerar och hur uppgifterna lagras.