Be aware of fraud phone calls

Right now, many have experienced fraud calls where the caller pretends to be calling from FOREX. Please be extra careful in phone calls and as always, never reveal your codes, card number or other senstive information. Do not sign anything using your BankID if asked by someone else. 

Read more about safety through the links on this page and follow or tips for how to stay safe. 

We are here to help

Fraud through phone, e-mail, sms or social media is common. Usually, the sender acts like a bank representative, police officer or friend asking you for sensitive information such as codes or passwords. We will never ask for you card number, codes or passwords. Do not reveal this type of information to anyone and never start or sign anything with your BankID when someone else askes you to.  

If you have questions or suspect that you have been the subject of fraud, reach out to us as soon as you can though out internet support or by phone on 0771-22 22 21and we will do our best to help you out.

Surf and shop safely online

Through the links on this page you find more useful information and good safety tips to make your everyday life safer.