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Did you know that you can buy, or make a reservation for, currency online from us?

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We are an agent for Western Union and can help you send money to other countries.

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Using our currency ATMs, you a make a withdrawal in a foreign currency.

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FOREX Bank sell foreign currency  0 kr
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FOREX Bank buy foreign currency (without FOREX receipt) 50 kr
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AMEX Travel cheques Since October 1, 2018 we no longer accept travel cheques

Global cash usage

Sweden is in the forefront when it comes to card payments and digital payment solutions. The dirrefences are big, even within Europe. In the report "The use of cash by households in the euro area" from the European Central bank it is show that about 79 percent of daily payments in Europe are done with cash. It is more common to use cash in the sourthern parts of Europe than in the northern ones. 

Remember to claim compensation

Most of us have, at least once, had the experience of a delayed flight or a luggage damage during a vacation trip. But, onlu 15 percent of swedes claim their compensation for delayed floghts and only 19 percent for damaged or lost luggage. This is revealed in a SIFO-enquiry done by us.