The difference between buying and reserving currency

Here's how it works to buy and reserve currency online with us. Know the differences and exchange currency before you travel.

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Reserve currency and pick up in store

When you reserve currency, you pre-book your preferred currency and amount on our site or in our currency app. You collect and pay the currency in one of our stores – you decide which one. By reserving currency , you can be sure that the currency is in stock and ready for pickup when you arrive at the store.

When the currency is in stock, it is often possible to pick it up the day after your reservation. If the store does not have your currency in stock, the waiting time is a maximum of 5 business days. For most of our stores, you decide the pick-up date yourself in connection with your reservation. If the currency is not available by the desired date, we will contact you directly. If you haven't selected a date, we'll send you an email when the currency is ready for pickup at your store.

Reserving currency is free of charge, but as always, you will need to show a valid ID and your reservation number (stated in your reservation confirmation emailed to you) in connection with the pick-up. Example of reservation number RES53b2b1.

If you do not pick up your currency 2 days after the selected pickup date or when the store has sent out a delivery notification, your reservation will be lost. You can always contact us to change the pickup day.

Buy currency online and pick up at a post office or in store

Buying currency online means that you pay the currency directly in connection with your purchase on our site or in the currency app. Then you can choose whether you want to pick up the currency in any FOREX store or have the currency delivered to the nearest post office with insured mail.

If you have chosen to have the currency sent by post, PostNord will notify you when the currency is ready to be collected. The delivery time to have the currency sent to your post office is 3-5 business days. If you choose to pick up your purchased currency in one of our stores, you will receive an email when your currency is ready to be collected.

Keep in mind that your delivered currency is collected from a post office near your registered address. PostNord will inform you which address and which post office applies to you. Don't forget to bring a valid ID.