Search, compare and book flights directly with FOREX in partnership with Flygresor

Easier flying in one place. Planning your next trip is now easier than ever thanks to the new collaboration between FOREX and Flygresor.

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In addition to buying travel currency, you can now also search, compare and book your flights directly through the FOREX website. This new collaboration is designed to make your travel planning easier and more integrated.

Finding the perfect flight is often the first step in travel planning. With our new "FOREX Find Flights" service, you only need to enter your preferred travel dates and destination to quickly access a variety of flight options. Our integrated flight search engine allows you to compare prices, times and other important factors efficiently on one platform.

Why choose FOREX for your flight booking?

Our new tool offers a seamless solution where you can manage all aspects of your journey. On the FOREX website, you can not only find and compare flights, but also plan and book experiences and activities. This allows you to see your entire itinerary in one place, saving you both time and effort. Plus, by combining flight booking with the purchase of travel currency and booking other travel activities, you can maximize your budget and make your travel dreams come true.

FOREX and Air Travel are proud to offer a service that is not only user-friendly, but also customized to make your travel planning as cost-effective as possible. With this partnership, we are taking a step towards offering a comprehensive travel experience that meets all your needs in one place.

Plan your next trip with FOREX and experience a world of possibilities!