Why are the exchange rates at FOREX different from the ones you see online?

When you search for exchange rates online, such as when converting SEK to EUR via Google, you will often see the prevailing "market rate". However, this rate does not necessarily represent the price you pay when exchanging currency in a store, as at FOREX. In this article, we explain why there are differences between these courses and how our service adds value to our customers.

What is the market rate?

The market rate, often referred to online, is the rate at which currencies are traded in the global forex market. This rate can be seen as a "raw" figure that does not include any costs or markups. It is important to understand that when you buy currency through a service like FOREX, you are not only buying the currency, but also the service and security that comes with the transaction.

Why are FOREX rates different from the market rate?

When you buy currency at FOREX, you pay for the currency itself as a product but also more than that. The price you pay includes costs for FOREX expertise and availability. That we should be able to run physical stores in the Nordic countries, close to you and have the currency you want at hand. Also to hire knowledgeable staff and provide a reliable service both online and in-store. These services create value for you as a customer by offering convenience, accessibility, security, and expertise. 

Our commitment to you as a customer

FOREX strives to be a reliable and responsible partner in your forex transactions. We offer a comprehensive service that ensures that you can trade currencies safely and easily, whether in-store or online. Our prices reflect our commitment to maintaining the high quality and service that our customers expect and deserve.

Buying travel currency at FOREX

Understanding the difference between market rates and the prices offered when exchanging and buying currency is important. At FOREX, we pride ourselves on offering our services that enable you to travel safely with the currency you need. We're here to help you with your currency needs and make sure your experience is as smooth and beneficial as possible. Choosing FOREX ensures that you get access to stores around the country, ATMs in places like airports, reliable expertise, and customer service that is ready to assist you in your foreign exchange transactions. We hope this information has given you a deeper understanding of how currency exchange works and why the prices you pay with us may be different from those you see online. Thank you for choosing FOREX for your forex needs.