If a currency is not available

Preparing for a trip often means buying the local currency of your destination. But what if the currency you need isn't available to order online?

FOREX currency envelopes are held by a hand with travel currency visible in them

What to do if the currency is not in stock online 

If you notice that the currency you want to buy is not available to order online, there may still be the possibility that it is available in one of our physical stores. Here's how to proceed: 

This is how you do it


Call FOREX customer service

Call us on our customer service number and we will help you.


We help you locate and reserve the currency

We will investigate whether the currency in question is available in one of our stores. If it is, we can reserve it for you so you can collect it at your convenience.


Alternative solutions

If the currency is not available in one of our stores, we can advise you on alternative currencies that can be used in your destination. Many countries accept several different currencies, and we can help you find the best solution for your trip.

Why choose FOREX? 

Convenience: With over 100 stores in the Nordics and available customer service over the phone, we make it easy for you to get the currency you need. 

Reliability: FOREX has over 50 years of experience in currency exchange and travel payments, making us a safe choice for your currency needs. 

Flexibility: We offer a variety of currencies and can often offer alternative solutions if your preferred currency is not available. 

Contact us 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with your currency queries. We're here to make your travel planning as smooth as possible. You can reach us on 0771 22 22 21 or visit the customer service page for more information.  

We look forward to helping you with your currency needs and wish you a pleasant journey!

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