One in three Swedes has bought currency at FOREX

In large parts of the world, the use of cash is different than in Sweden, and when we travel, we want to discover the destination and enjoy all it has to offer. With over 5 million people in the Nordics having exchanged currency with FOREX before their travels, it is clear that there is a great need to have access to cash when we are abroad.

Person in yellow shirt withdraws travel currency, euro banknotes from a yellow envelope.

Up to 4 out of 5 purchases abroad are made with cash

Every third Swede in Sweden has exchanged money with FOREX and is a customer of ours. At FOREX, we dare to call ourselves currency and travel experts. We help you with tips, recommendations and offer services in the area of foreign exchange, among other things. 

Are you sure the taxi from Munich airport will take cards? Want to enjoy Vienna's best apple strudel at Café Korb? Want to buy cooling fruit on the beach? Have you received help with the luggage to your room? Do you want to be sure to be able to pay for lunch on the hike in the Alps? With the right currency in your travel fund, you don't have to say no to the golden edge of your holiday.

Go global – act local

In Sweden, we don't use much cash, but in large parts of the world, cash is a natural part of everyday life. In Spain, cash is used for 65% of all transactions, in Thailand over 80%, in Germany over 60%, and in Albania over 90%. In the United States, it is common to tip and make small purchases with cash, while over 70% of transactions in Egypt and almost 60% in Japan are made with cash. When we travel, the small expenses increase – the ice cream, the water bottle, the sunscreen, the coffee, the bus ticket and the lunch. Cash is needed here. Exchange travel currency before departure, and you can spend your holiday holidaying.

The benefits of cash on the go

Having cash with you on the trip gives a sense of security and flexibility. There may be situations where card payment is not possible, such as in local markets, small cafes, or when purchasing public transport tickets. Cash also makes it easier to stay on top of your budget and avoid unexpected fees from foreign banks.

The journey starts at FOREX!

FOREX has extensive experience in providing travelers with currency and has a wide range of different currencies. Do like every third Swede in Sweden, exchange your travel currency at FOREX and you can be sure to get the help, service and currency you need for your destination. Visit one of our many stores around the Nordic region or exchange your currency easily and smoothly online.

So before you set off on your next adventure, make sure you have enough cash in your pocket. With FOREX, you can feel confident and ready to take on the world, one destination at a time.