The cheapest destinations in 2024

At the absolute top of the list of the cheapest destinations, there are several Asian countries. India, with an index of 24 compared to Sweden's 100, is the cheapest country to holiday in. Other countries in the region that top the list are Indonesia (28), Vietnam (30) and Nepal (31). Thailand (32) is also a popular destination, which in this year's holiday index is among the 10 cheapest.

What is the FOREX Holiday Index?

The FOREX Holiday Index shows what it costs to holiday in 96 different countries compared to Sweden, which has an index of 100. The index compares average prices of middle-class or three-star hotels, restaurant visits and taxis, among other things. The data comes from and

Three reasons to buy currency before you travel


You don't have to look for ATMs and can devote yourself to your holiday instead.


You secure the exchange rate and do not have to worry about high mark-ups in the ATMs.


You almost always need more cash than you think abroad.

The most expensive holiday destinations

The most expensive countries to holiday in are Bermuda with an index of 421, followed by the Cayman Islands (270) and Monaco (223). Iceland (201) and Denmark (130) are also among the ten most expensive destinations.

Cheap travel destinations in Europe 

Summer is almost here and many people are planning their summer vacation. Getting out into Europe is the obvious choice for many Swedes, but as long as the Swedish krona is weak, it will be noticeable in the wallet. If you still want to go to euro countries, Greece (78), Portugal (83), Spain (86) or Cyprus (86) are the most affordable countries. For the most affordable destinations within Europe with other currencies, you should aim for North Macedonia (39), the summer-popular Bulgaria (50), or the Turkey (51) that is so famous for Swedes, which tops the list.

Cheap hot destinations

To Asia, the trip itself costs a little more, but here are the most affordable destinations. Indonesian Bali (28) has a dry season in April to September. During the summer, you can look forward to sun and snorkeling thanks to a little wind and clear water. The islands off the east coast of southern Thailand - Koh Samui, Koh Madsum and Koh Phangan - are also nice during the Swedish summer months. There may be some rain on the guaranteed long and beautiful beaches, but it is almost always as short-lived as it is refreshing.

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Holiday Index 2024 - Full List

Based on average prices early 2024

Indices give a price indication

It is worth mentioning that even if a destination has a low index overall, some costs may still be higher compared to a country with a higher index. In India, for example, a fast food visit can cost more than it does in Malaysia, for example. This means that indices should only be seen as an indication of price levels.

An index shows a price trend and compares price levels over a certain period. This means that price changes on, for example, hotels, restaurant visits and taxis can affect the index over time.