reach out to the store or customer service

If the issue occured in one of our stores, we ask you to start by contacting the store for investigation and answers in your case. To facilitate the handling of your case, we advise you to prepare any documentation.

If the issue occured through another contact with us, please contact customer service.

Still not satisfied? Contact the customer ombudsman

If you are not satisfied with the decision you received and feel that you haven't been listened to, you are welcome to contact our customer ombudsman.

Our goal is to answer incoming cases within 1-3 banking days, but the response time can vary depending on how extensive investigative work is needed to give you a correct answer. If we do not have the opportunity to submit a response within 14 days of receiving your complaint, you will receive information about the reason for this and when a decision will be made. In such a case, you will receive a response within 35 days of receiving the complaint.


Postal address
Att: Kundombudsman
Box 5124
103 14 Stockholm

Other options

The Consumer advisor in your home municipality

Provides information and advice on banking and insurance issues, free of charge.

The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau / Insurance Bureau

Here you get impartial facts and guidance, free of charge. They will help you move forward with a case if you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint.


The Swedish Consumer Agency

Here you can turn to with questions about purchasing goods and services, complaints, shopping sustainably and other things that you as a consumer need help with.


The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)

The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) is a public authority that functions roughly like a court. Their main task is to impartially try disputes between consumers and business operators. Claims are filed by the consumer.


General Court

It is possible to have the case tried by a general court.