ID documents

What ID documents apply when I want to exchange?

When exchanging currencies at FOREX, it is important that you have valid identification in order to carry out your transactions smoothly and securely. ID documents that have expired or are broken are not liked.

  • Swedish passport - A Swedish passport is one of the most recognized and valid ID documents for currency exchange at FOREX. It provides you with complete identification and is the perfect choice for UK citizens who want to conduct foreign exchange transactions.
  • Swedish national ID card - If you do not have a passport, you can use a Swedish national ID card as identification. This card is specifically intended for identification within Sweden and is also approved for currency exchange at FOREX.
  • Swedish driver's license - A Swedish driver's license issued by the Swedish Transport Agency is also a valid ID document for conducting foreign exchange transactions with us. This is a convenient option for those who drive and always have it at hand.
  • Swedish SIS-marked ID card - If you have a SIS-marked ID card, which has been issued by a bank, a company or a government agency, you can use this as identification at FOREX when exchanging currency. Make sure that the card is correctly marked with the SIS logo for it to be accepted.
  • ID card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency - The Swedish Tax Agency's ID card is an approved ID document within Sweden.

For non-Swedish citizens, we strongly recommend that you have a valid passport to carry out currency exchange with us. A passport is an internationally recognized ID document and will facilitate your transactions at FOREX