Innovations and digital investments enable sustainable work

Innovation and digitization are important keywords in our future investment. One of our changes is our new digital way of working, which both contributes to reduced travel within the organization but also facilitates internal work with inclusion, participation and commitment.

Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA

Diversity and inclusion have always been particularly important to FOREX. It is based on the company's attitude to the outside world, a genuine curiosity for new cultures, places and people. Active work with equality and diversity has been a success factor for FOREX. Employees originating from different countries who speak different languages ​​are a strength that allows us to provide better service to our customers.

We have a high proportion of female managers and have succeeded in reflecting the gender distribution within the organization when recruiting for most managerial positions. The entire staff is divided into 64 percent women and 36 percent men. In our largest management group, we have 53 percent women and 47 percent men. In executive management, the distribution in 2022 was five men and four women

Sustainability reports

In our annual sustainability report you'll find information on our focus areas during the different years. Read about:

  • Our operations and sustainability strategy
  • FOREX as an attractive employer
  • Our environmental and societal engagement

Economic sustainability and risk management

Based on FOREX operations, we have good opportunities to counter financial crime. We work actively with regulatory compliance with the aim of countering corruption in all its forms. Financial sustainability is also about ensuring financial strength and resilience and being a stable and reliable player in the financial market as well as offering good employment conditions.


FOREX's impact on the environment includes transport, travel and the use of consumables.

When it comes to currency transports, they mostly take place via air and road, which means a certain negative environmental impact through emissions of, among other things, carbon dioxide. Due to the fact that the existing carrier now runs with a renewed vehicle fleet and HVO fuel, this year's Co² emissions are lower than last year, even though the number of stops for FOREX has increased.

Member of the Financial Coalition

The financial coalition's goal is to prevent the Swedish payment system from being abused for the purchase of documented sexual abuse of children, what is known in law as child pornography, and other commercial sexual exploitation of children, and to create public opinion against this criminal activity. The Swedish Financial Coalition includes the banking association, financial actors and technology companies that have taken a stand and want to act actively against this crime.

Our CSR partnerships

ECPAT Sweden

The cooperation with ECPAT Sweden takes place through FOREX's membership in the Financial Coalition. Read more about that work here: ECPAT Sweden's financial coalition - ECPAT Sweden.

Contribute via ECPAT's hotline

Do you want to contribute to the work to create a safer online everyday life for children and young people? Tell ECPAT about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children via the Hotline - ECPAT Sweden.

Save the Children

We have a partnership with Save the Children since many years back. By collecting coins and notes in our stores, we contribute to their emergency response work. Thanks to the money donated by our customers and employees, Save the Children is able to act quickly when a disaster occurs, which means that many more lives can be saved. Since 2010, we have contributed approximately SEK 3,980,000 to the Save the Children disaster fund.