Currency in the Philippines - Peso (PHP)

Here you will find, among other things, the current exchange rate and historical development for the Philippine Peso to Swedish Krona (SEK). Did you know that you can get delivery to the nearest post office and that there is free shipping when you buy currency over SEK 5,000 online?

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PHP – the currency in Philippines

Are you traveling to Philippines and need Philippine Peso (PHP)? At FOREX, you can easily buy PHP for your trip. We offer both online purchases and personal service in our stores.

When you buy PHP online, you can choose to have your currency delivered to the nearest postal agent or pick it up at any of our stores. Our goal is to make your Phillipine Peso order simple and hassle-free.

With the currency converter, you can calculate PHP to SEK and stay fully informed about the current exchange rate. The currency graph shows the historical development of Phillipine Peso against SEK over time. You can choose a timeframe from 2012 up to today.

Rate Examples

Currency Rate
  • 1 0,21 SEK
  • 5 1,03 SEK
  • 10 2,05 SEK
  • 50 10,27 SEK
  • 100 20,53 SEK
  • 500 102,67 SEK
  • 1000 205,33 SEK
  • 1 SEK4,87
  • 5 SEK24,35
  • 10 SEK48,70
  • 50 SEK243,51
  • 100 SEK487,02
  • 500 SEK2 435,10
  • 1000 SEK4 870,19

Available denominations online

Banknotes - Peso 1000

Countries with this currency

Here, you can see which countries have PHP as their primary and secondary currency.