Payment methods

How can I pay when I buy currency in store and online?

  • In store – pay by card

We accept Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V-pay, American Express and Diners.

  • In store – pay with cash

In stores you can pay with Swedish cash. We accept all denominations. If you pay with coins, a count-up fee may apply if you have more than 50 coins in number at the time of payment. 

When you come to us, the staff in the store may ask you questions about the origin of the money and the purpose of the transaction, in some cases we also request documentation that proves this. We are doing this because of the Money Laundering Act. It is always the staff in the store who make the assessment whether we can complete the transaction or not.

  • Online – pay by card or swish

If you buy or order currency online, you can also pay with Swish.

  • Do you pay by card? Keep track of any fees at your bank

If you pay by card with us, it counts as a cash withdrawal over the counter, something some banks charge you as a customer for. Before purchasing currency from us, you can contact your bank for information regarding any fees.

With FOREX Credit Card, you avoid that fee.