Act immediately if you are affected

Vigilance can help a lot, but we all have moments when we don't have the energy to keep our guard up. If you have been the victim of fraud, it is important to quickly block cards and codes and contact us so that we can help you.


If an accident does occur, there are certain things you should remember to do. We've created a checklist for you below that you can check through to make sure you haven't missed anything.

1. File a police report

If you have been the victim of a fraud, you must always report it to the police. You can report it to the police at your nearest police station or by calling the police on 114 14.

2. Check your ID documents

Check that you have all your ID documents (ID card, passport, driver's license, etc.) If you discover that you have lost an ID document, file a police report and report the loss to the Swedish Tax Agency or the Swedish Transport Agency.

3. Keep track of your account history

Check your account history to see if anything happened to your accounts that you don't recognize. If so, contact your bank directly for help with how to do this.

4. Block codes and passwords

If you suspect that your codes have fallen into the wrong hands, block and/or change your code or password.

5. Check your own address

Check with the Swedish Tax Agency to make sure that your address has not been changed. Also contact Svensk adressendring to ensure that no one has forwarded your mail.

6. Dispute fake invoices

If you have received an invoice that you do not recognize, it is important to take action. Call the billing company and dispute the invoice. 

7. Block social security numbers

If you suspect that someone has hijacked and used your social security number, you should always report the incident to the police. In addition, you should contact the major credit bureaus, such as UC, and ask them to block your social security number.