Don't worry, you can pay with your card

Fake pages on the web, card numbers that are to be issued and also machines that have been manipulated. Yes, there are absolutely problems. But payment solutions are also evolving and becoming more secure all the time. And you can avoid the vast majority of scams by being careful.

Protect yourself from fraud

Tips on how to protect yourself and others from online scams, text messages, calls and social media

Keep secret codes

A really successful fraud is if the fraudster gets hold of both your card and your code. That would mean full access to your account. Therefore, it is extra important that you protect your code when using the card in a store or ATM. Check that no one glances over your shoulder when you type it in and do not write it down. Not even as a make-believe contact on the mobile phone...

Inspect the seams against skimming

Skimming means that your card is hijacked by copying your card information. If the account is hijacked, it is often emptied quickly, sometimes in real time, and often in a completely different location.

Always check the ATM before using it. If it seems strange, for example has something thick around the short gap, you should not use it. ATMs can also have a hidden camera set up to capture your code, so here too it is important to protect your code, for example with your hand.

Also, don't let anyone walk away with your card when you pay, but always keep the card under supervision. A good thing can be to not have too much money in the account you have the card linked to. Put your savings in a savings account instead. 

Away well, at home best - set limits for purchases

In Internet and Mobile Banking, you can change the settings of your card. For example, you can set up regional blocks for different geographical regions and open or close your card for online purchases, so you can make sure that your card can only be used to shop in the areas where you shop. If someone unauthorized gets hold of your card, this limits the possibilities of using the card. 

Shop safely with Mastercard Identity Check

To make sure you feel safe using your FOREX Credit Card also for online payments, the Mastercard Identity Check service has been linked to your card. It is a free service that means that you identify yourself with Mobile BankID when you pay with your card online. This way, you can rest assured that no one else is using your card. You get a secure online payment in all channels and for all digital devices.

Learn more about Mastercard Identity Check

Block your card

If your card has been lost or stolen, or if you think someone has obtained your code and card information, you should block the card immediately.

FOREX Credit Card

If you need to block FOREX Credit Card, call FOREX Blocking Service on +46 (0)771-22 22 21. 

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