The price in Madeira for a cup of


11-43 SEK

One hour trip with


183-183 SEK

Madeiras nearest airports

Madeira Funchal Airport (FNC)

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Currency information

In Madeira, Portugal, you pay with Euro, EUR. Accepted means of payment are both cash and card.

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Primary currency in Portugal

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At FOREX you can prepare and plan your trip to Madeira, Portugal through services such as currency exchange, booking experiences and activities, finding flights and travel insurance. Madeira offers a combination of relaxing beaches, crystal clear waters and warm sunshine that attracts visitors from all over the world. There's always something to explore on Madeira. From its beautiful coastlines and charming villages to its glorious architecture. As a traveler, you can enjoy the tranquility of great beaches, take part in the nightlife and experience beautiful nature. You will have memorable days of sunbathing and swimming and magical sunsets. Madeira is a great destination for your holiday whether you are travelling with family, partner or friends.

Things to do in Madeira

Madeira is full of opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. Discover secluded coves with bright blue waters, explore small neighborhoods or take in the island's cultural life by visiting markets and restaurants. Adventure seekers can go hiking or boating to discover the island's natural beauty. The best way to get around Madeira is by rental car and taxi. Some of the most popular attractions on Madeira are Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Cabo Girão and Funchal Old Town.

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Time Zone: UTC+0

Average tip in a


10 %

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