The price in Hong Kong for a cup of


40-63 SEK

One hour trip with


128-195 SEK

Largest airports in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Currency information

In Hong Kong, you pay with Hong Kong dollar, HKD. Accepted means of payment are both cash and card.

Most used payment method

Cash and card

Primary currency in Hong Kong

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With FOREX, you can easily prepare and plan your trip to Hong Kong through services such as currency exchange, booking experiences and activities, and finding flights and travel insurance. Hong Kong is a place where tradition meets the present in a fascinating way. Here you can experience everything from impressive landscapes and historic sites to vibrant cities with their cutting-edge architecture and technology. The local food culture offers an exciting mix of traditional dishes and modern flavors.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Immerse yourself in the country's history by visiting well-preserved temples and palaces. Enjoy a mix of tradition and innovation in the heart of the cities, where you can experience everything from delicious food and shopping to an entertaining nightlife. Explore the scenic landscapes, from beautiful gardens to challenging hiking trails. Some of the most popular cities and areas in Hong Kong to visit are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. We wish you a great trip to Hong Kong with many joyful moments. Have a nice trip!

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FOREX index for Hong Kong

The FOREX Index compares average prices for things like mid-range or three-star hotels, restaurants and taxis.

Time Zone: UTC+8

Average tip in a


10 %

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You have up to 56 days to pay your monthly invoice, so you have time to go through it in peace and quiet before paying.

Inget valutapåslag eller uttagsavgifter

When paying with your card abroad, you avoid currency surcharges and withdrawal fees outside of the EU.

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You get, among other things, all-risk insurance when buying appliances, supplementary travel insurance and delivery insurance when buying online.